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Tutoring worked examples

We have offered online mentoring through various forums for many years, most notably on github for the jQuery jTable plugin, but on others as well. Here we have a little more space to explain and demonstrate some esoteric but nonetheless straightforward issues. We have directories full of hacked demonstrations and proof of concepts, we'll work our way through them and convert the interesting and hopefully beneficial ones into online tutorials as time permits. We'll try and release one per month, so do come back.

Fixing jTable Height and Scrolling the body

This is an interesting exercise in making a jTable scroll the data rows within a fixed height. The issues of HTML table layout and jTable styling are discussed. A working demonstration of the scrolling body is given, and shortcomings highlighted.

Controlling jTable using Access Control Entries

Here we demonstrate how jTable callbacks and event handlers can be used to implement simple Access Control of a jTable on row by row basis. Update, Delete and even Selection are controlled.

Using HTML5 input types

This tutorial discusses how to use HTML5 input types or their jQuery equivalent for fields with a jTable

Replacing jTable action buttons with an action menu

Coming soon. It's growing and growing as we write. Should be ready in

Image and Caption Carousel

Also coming soon, a simple js carousel with crossfade of both images and captions.

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